Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) - Stage 2A

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Construction Phase EM&A Report

DC/2007/23 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part) , Sai Ying Pun(part), Central, Wan Chai East and North Point)
DC/2007/24 (Works area: Sai Ying Pun(part) , Sandy Bay, Cyberport, Wah Fu and Aberdeen(part))
DC/2008/09 (Works area: Aberdeen(part) and Ap Lei Chau)
DC/2009/05 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part))
DC/2009/10 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part))
DC/2009/17 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part))
DC/2009/23 (Works area: North Point, Wan Chai East and Central)
DE/2009/02 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part))
DC/2009/18 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part))
DC/2009/24 (Works area: Sandy Bay, Cyberport, Wah Fu, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau)
DC/2009/19 (Upgrading Works at Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works – Sludge Handling and Disposal Facilities)
DC/2009/20 (Demolition of Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Tanks and Associated Facilities at Cyberport Sewage Treatment Works)
DE/2018/17 (Works area: Stonecutters Island(part))




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